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It's all about the hair...

"How do you do your hair?"

"My hair? Well I just woke up like this!!"

...No women with mixed race hair EVER said.

I'm always getting asked about my hair, being curly and neither Afro or European its a minefield when it comes to products and styling, so here's a little 'Angie Guide' to me and my mixed race hair.

Being mixed means my hair has to have a mix of products to get it looking the way I want it to and over the years I've done through so many, these are my current selection that I would recommend.



Golden rule number 1: To keep the curls only brush hair when wet with a wide tooth comb. Starting at the bottom of the hair, work the knots out. To help it get untangled I usually apply...


I cannot live without this!!! It's been my staple hair product for years. i wet my hair every morning in the shower and put this liberally through my hair, giving it a little scrunch. It keeps it moisturised, frizz free and much more manageable.


Curly hair doesn’t need the traditional shampoo and conditioner treatment that we have

been led to believe over the years, a conditioning shampoo is the way forward. I haven’t

tried too many of these but I’ve settled on the Kerastase version. Its thick and luxurious

with a gorgeous smell to boot. Shampoos have a tendency to dry out my hair but this

one doesn’t at all. Not on the cheaper end of the scale but because I wash my hair

approximately once a week it lasts for ages. Only 4 or 5 pumps required for my mid

length hair.


If I am wearing my hair down and loose I pull this through my hair and

scrunch after I’ve applied my Paul Mitchell Conditioner. It separates and

defines the curls, giving an even curl throughout. Whats fab about this is

that my hair doesn’t feel crunchy and still has a natural move to it.


Thick, moisturising and luxurious, this overnight masque is the best. Used once a week i slather

this creme all over my hair and leave it on for 24 hours. Its usually a day when I

don’t have much on so that my hair can be slicked back into a bun and left to

absorb the richness of the treatment. Mixed hair must be treated once a week to

keep it from getting too dry, it really helps keep the curls in tiptop condition.